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Michael's bio...

Early 2016 the wife and i decided we needed a well deserved holiday abroad. this was me back then. I was borderline obese smoked and drank too much and didn't care much for my health and well being." Life is for living" or "your a long time dead" i would shout, or think sometimes. Looking back the second phrase may well have been proved true sooner than expected.

Moving On

Literally the next day i joined the local leisure center small gym.I did what i do and researched the crap out of trainers, pro's and yes even fitness vloggers to learn everything i could and put it into practice.

 Now i had trained for about 4 years back in my 20's so i was not a stranger to the ups and downs of getting in shape. However i did feel very different about it this time.. something was off, or actually on!... I was loving the training, not dreading it or putting it off, making excuses to not go i was actually looking forward to going.

Maybe it was the preparation, research i had done or availability of pre workouts and pump activators i cant say, but decided too use it. I found I could use the addictive side to my human nature to nail the training,

  learned about contraction and how to get the most from each rep or set. Different training splits and methods to achieve 100% potential for each workout. Of course this in turn lead to me getting fitter, stronger more confident in and out of the gym. Not just regarding training and health but about life in general.

There is such a mental side to a "gymlyfe". You will still wake up some days and feel like you never worked out before and on others feel like you can carry your car to work. But over time you learn to trust your body and not your brain. Your brain will mess with you all day long but your body will tell you what you need to do if you can only learn to listen.

 Im no spiritual guide or guru or even new idea thinker all im saying is this at the 9th rep of your last set, at the time when you think...ahhh go on il have a beer or i cant be bothered to cook lets order in..your mind will beg you to give in and stop the set or drink the beer or get the take away.. but somewhere inside there is a desire, a voice saying "One more i can do 1 more" or "No thanks il take black coffee" or "Actually

sticking to my plan Im boiling that chicken breast" thats your body talking. listen to it!

This photos is about 14 months ago on the trip to the canaries. While this is a vast improvement i was still fat and showing nowhere near what i knew i was capable of. Time to step it up a gear. So I looked into getting professional advice. I had joined a friendly group of all ages and abilities a while back. This group also contained many new and seasoned pros.I approached one and asked questions.

 It didn't take too long for a rapport to build and I took on a coach.

 I took on coach & a nutrition plan and correct supplements were recommended. 

10 months ago now.. just 3 months under coaching parameters and you can see im starting to come through delts are showing triceps and connective tissue. i was hugely encouraged when i saw this photo. It drove me to push harder and be even more disciplined.

This was taken 3 months ago ive now been as dedicated as i can possibly be for 7 months. I was astounded i could see it happening all my hard work dedication and pain paying off. Colleagues and friends started looking at me differently, smiling at me and saying "wow you look amazing, how have you done this?" or " omg mate do you live in the gym?"

Professional athletes and bodybuilders started to compliment me on my condition and size considering only 32 moths into a training life. This was and remains the biggest buzz.

 Look Im just a rat man in the Welsh valleys and Geoff Capes former world and Britain strongest man on multiple occasions only bloody friended me last week...Me!

 This is me just this week. Im very proud of what i have achieved. but its not the end. Its not enough now. Now ive set myself a new challenge. To see if i can cut it in competition.

Im told i have the package to do very well, excel has even been mentioned. Lots to learn from Posing more intricate diet modifications and water manipulation. Its going to be tough i have no doubt. But i know how strong i am now. I know i can deal with just about anything that life or my body and mind puts in front of me. I have my wife, family, friends and supporters behind me to help me get there but most importantly i know its possible.. its no longer a dream for me its reality.

Also i need to stop holding my breath when flexing or im going to pass out in the first 2 minutes if i cant master that...im screwed!!

 this is just the beginning


  1. I have to mention the people helping me along the way so far.

 Nikki my wife and main photographer. Shes is great with the camera and keeping me on track and on the ground! I love her dearly.

Z Mafia Fitness Core

So happy to include you in this list. Thank you all for everything xx

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